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Best Home Improvement Blogs

The very best home improvement blogs, in addition to our own home maintenance & improvement site of course šŸ˜‰ where we believe there is a wealth of top quality information for all forms of home improvement pprojects. Not just the DIY home projects but major house rebuilds, design and construction.


Houzz is a very professional and high end collection of blogs covering a wide range of categories, including indoor and outdoor home improvements and much much more! They are also now a global network with individual country specific home improvement sites across 14 different countries including the US, European Countries, Australia, Asia and New Zealand.

Houzz US


Houzz Australia


Totally Home Improvement

An excellent home improvement site for interior design and home improvement ideas for every element of your home!
This site is a massive collection of articles and readers are also encouraged to suggest futures article topics they need information about.

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